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Security Questions:


Am I secure during my transaction? How can I tell?
Once you sign in to Cash4Africa.com, your session is secure. This means that we encrypt any data that passes between your
computer and our web site at the highest commercially available strength. The lock in the upper right corner of the web page indicates that your session is secure.

Why do I have to use a Security Question when sending money via Cash4Africa.com?
We want to be sure the correct person receives the money you send. That's why we ask that you use a Security Question.

Many people share e-mail addresses. If someone who shares your recipient's e-mail address reads your Cash4Africa.com message, the Security Question will make it difficult for the unintended recipient to deposit your money.

It is important that you think of a question and answer that only you and the intended recipient share. It is also important to make the question unique, with many possible answers. For example, if you ask, 'what color is my car?' the answer is easily guessed because there are only a limited number of car colors. If, however, you ask, 'In what city did we first meet?' that question has hundreds of possible answers, which makes it much more difficult for an unintended recipient to answer.

Should I be worried about computer viruses?
Computer viruses are commonplace today, and you need to protect yourself. Computer viruses can damage your personal computer, cause loss of data, and may enable someone to take control of your computer

While connected to the Internet or while reading your e-mail, there are two common ways to contract a computer virus. The first way is by willingly or unwillingly downloading and executing a program file that contains a virus. The second way is by opening an e-mail message that contains a virus as an attachment.

What has Cash4Africa.com done to protect me from viruses?
Cash4Africa.com has taken steps to decrease the likelihood of viruses being transmitted via the Cash4Africa.com website. When connected to the Cash4Africa.com website, Cash4Africa.com does not require you to download any executable program file. We only transmit the data necessary to render our web pages. This includes text, graphic /images, and a small amount of Javascript.

Furthermore, we never include attachments in the e-mail correspondence we generate.

What can I do to protect myself from viruses?
You can reduce the risk of computer viruses by:

  • Using commercially available anti-virus software, which is available at most computer stores.

  • Regularly updating your anti-virus software with the most recent protection levels. Most anti-virus software enables you to update software when you are connected to the Internet.

  • Running your anti-virus software in automatic protection mode. This means that the anti-virus is protecting your computer at all times.


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