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The relevant profiles of the current team are as follows:

1.    Mr. Colin Mars Vickerie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, held various Senior Project Manager Positions for First Millennium Management clients. Some of those assignments included Business Analysis for the development of other Internet Based Financial Services platforms.


2.    Mr. Keith C. Brotherson, Vice- Chairman and Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, is a co-founder of New Millennium Back Office Support Services which is a service designed to increase and support the technological communication between Investment Advisors and Global Custodians.


3.      Mr. Carl Hanserud, Director and Senior Vice-President of Operations, is a qualified professional within the Banking Operations industry. Mr. Hanserud has over 18 years of experience in managing various Trust and Custody Banking operations.


RFS has also committed to a financial partnership with FTVentures, Inc. FTVentures provides equity financing to companies that create software or provide business services, which enable financial institutions worldwide to expand and to operate more efficiently.



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